Unlock Your Innovation Potential with Integra Sources!

Are you seeking a reliable partner for your hardware and software development needs? Look no further! Integra Sources is your trusted ally, providing comprehensive solutions to fuel your success.

Reliable Hardware Solutions:

Trust us to deliver flawless hardware products. With expertise in hardware development, we ensure your finished product meets the highest standards, eliminating errors.

Full-Scale Software Development:

Our core competency lies in C/C++, complemented by C#, Python, Java, and Objective-C for diverse projects. From bess system level drivers to cross-platform applications, we’ve got your software needs covered.

Specialized Project Management:

Each project is assigned a dedicated project manager for seamless communication. Direct interaction with developers, daily progress reports, and adherence to timelines are the pillars of our project management.

Effective Testing:

We integrate a rigorous testing plan into project specifications. Module tests and various manual testing methods ensure that the functionality we deliver operates seamlessly.

On-Time Delivery:

Our meticulous planning ensures that projects meet their goals. We closely monitor development progress, consistently exceeding service delivery expectations.

Within Scope and Budget:

Thorough planning and precise cost estimation allow us to manage delivery processes, ensuring projects are completed within scope and budget.

Flexible Methodology:

We employ iterative development, integration, and testing, showcasing results through demos. Scrum and Kanban methodologies organize our work, providing a transparent view of progress.

Support and Maintenance:

Beyond project completion, we offer a support and maintenance period, addressing bug fixes in implemented functionality at no additional cost.

Turnkey Product Development:

Elevate efficiency by choosing our comprehensive approach. From hardware to firmware and software, we offer end-to-end development services within one company.

Startup Solutions:

For startups, speed is key. We assist startups in concept validation, creating MVPs and prototypes using existing development kits. Our track record includes successful Kickstarter campaigns and secured investments for the startups we’ve supported.

Specialized Development Center:

Augment your team with hardware and low-level programming experts through our dedicated team services. We manage personnel and ensure work quality, providing you complete control over the delivery process.

Research and Development:

Navigate high technical uncertainty with our research and development services. We help you assess project feasibility, identify potential risks, and estimate the time and cost required for successful project implementation.

Choose Integra Sources for Unparalleled Innovation!

Empower your projects with our expertise. Integra Sources – where innovation meets excellence. Contact us today to explore how we can bring your ideas to life and propel your business to new heights!

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