Undocumented drivers making Walmart food deliveries in NMB

At both Walmart stores in North Myrtle Beach, undocumented drivers are making food deliveries to local residents. Vetted Walmart drivers using the Spark Delivery Driver’s software say this is happening across America in places along the Eastern Seaboard and and as far West as Utah.

A North Myrtle Beach vetted Walmart driver went on camera, anonymously, with MyrtleBeachSC News alerting our team to this issue. You can watch this just above.

All Walmart drivers are required to be vetted through the Spark Delivery System. This is how Walmart ensures safe deliveries to the retail giant’s North Myrtle Beach customers.

Our source above says, “All of the drivers have Florida tags and do not typically speak English. In the video above, you can hear him say that “either somehow these unvetted drivers have hacked the Walmart delivery system or Walmart management is in on this.”

Paige Vladez-Romero of Utah writes, “Guy isn’t from here. Speaks zero English and all of a sudden nobody is getting orders [no vetted drivers]. It’s like everything came to a dead stop and this guy is always pulling up to the bays. I saw him in the store. So I try to engage and say hello and ask him what brought him to the middle of nowhere from Florida? No English. I am Hispanic, so I tried to speak to him in Spanish and he runs off all nervous.”


Some news outlets have covered this story up, however, Walmart has yet to respond. We reached out to Walmart Management about this issue. You can view their cut and paste response at the bottom of this article.

Spark vetted drivers inform us that many drivers are from Venezuela. They have multiple Walmart accounts and use bots. These drivers have hacked the system so that whenever a Walmart delivery order comes in, they jump the line and are somehow the first to know.

Walmart Blanket Response

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MyrtleBeachSC News (02/16/2024 04:27 PM) We have been notified that immigrants have hacked your spark system and are stealing jobs from vetted workers. We have a video up at: https://youtu.be/NWsYE8Q9Oeg?si=Oikr9z1fT5Ql_wKQ 
Could you please respond?

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