Gallery: Hundreds turn out for Monster Pro Wrestling in Fort McMurray

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About 400 people attended Dirty Deeds, which took place while all of Fort McMurray had been warned to prepare for a potential wildfire evacuation. That order would not be issued until May 14. However, the threat of a wildfire was not enough to keep people from enjoying headlocks, leg drops, suplexes or trash talking.

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Dirty Deeds was a bigger spectacle than MPW’s first wrestling event at Keyano College last September. That event was Fort McMurray’s first indie pro wrestling event in 20 years, but attendance struggled because it was scheduled during concerts at Wood Buffalo Ribfest.

Even though the wrestlers were part of an indie circuit, spectator Douglas Robertshaw said the event was nostalgic. Robertshaw and his friends were the loudest people to cheer and boo the different fights throughout the evening.

“The people who go to and enjoy wrestling are trying to recapture something from their childhood and attending events like this is like watching Saturday morning cartoons, with a bowl of surgery cereal and a glass of OJ,” said Robertshaw.

“I think we are all a little envious of the people in the ring, doing something we all dreamed about as kids. What’s the most fun about attending is playing your part to make the event fun for the wrestlers and the crowd by being vocal and as animated as possible.”

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