2 Reasons to Switch to the Ubuntu Operating System

The Ubuntu operating system is proving to be increasingly popular amongst businesses and for consumer use. For those who are unaware, it is an open-source operating system that runs on the Linux distribution. As it is open source, it is extremely popular with developers and people with a degree of IT expertise. However, the Ubuntu operating system is also remarkably user-friendly. It is easy to install, and once you have spent a small amount of time familiarising yourself with its interface, it is exceptionally easy to use daily. Some people prefer this operating system to more common systems, such as the Windows operating system, as it is a more flexible design that can be easily tailored to the users’ or companies’ needs. In this article, two of the key reasons why it can be beneficial to switch to the Ubuntu operating system will be explored in detail.

Office use

Whilst millions of workers may have extensive experience using the Windows operating system, it is not always ideal for company use. Windows usage in a business context will require the organization to pay licenses for the software. Whilst these can be relatively inexpensive, the various licensing costs for separate applications can grow into a significant cost. This is especially true if the company uses several licensed cloud-based applications that are accessed by many users. Conversely, Ubuntu is free to use, and it can be configured exactly to your company’s requirements. The operating system also links seamlessly when internet usage is required. Today, many American businesses require constant high-speed connection to the internet to enable their staff to work effectively. In Florida, businesses commonly use a Tampa business internet provider to gain the latest fiber connections. The Ubuntu operating system connects effortlessly with fiber internet and can be used to run a diverse selection of online applications and software packages. Regardless of the internet provider, the Ubuntu system performs exceptionally well with few problems reported in relation to connectivity and performance. In short, this system is becoming increasingly popular for business use due to its lack of cost and performance online.

As a home entertainment platform

In 2023, billions of households enjoy gaming and other forms of online entertainment. Streaming films and series box sets has now become commonplace along with enjoying competitive online play on the latest games. As the popularity of the Ubuntu operating system continues to increase, many gave developers are now making high-quality titles that can run on this platform. Some examples include the latest version of the incredibly popular first-person shooter “Counter-Strike Global Offensive” and the multi-vehicle war simulator “War Thunder.” It is also exceptionally easy to download the latest internet browsers to run on Ubuntu. A popular choice is Firefox, and this browser can then be used to stream video content from your favorite streaming services, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. As previously mentioned, there is not a high IT skill requirement to run and manage Ubuntu. This means that many households can use it as the main home operating system to drive their various entertainment and streaming choices. Once again, the cost-free nature of the operating system that is completely free of license charges means that it is an attractive option for households that seek to minimize their home IT budgets.

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